Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My dirty little secret.......

Almost 3 years ago my dream came true....buying an 1882 farmhouse in the middle of rural MD.  As an interior designer and vintage shop owner, there's nothing better than seeing your design dreams come true.  However moving from very suburban Northern VA to rural MD is not without its challenges!, at 35min to nearest natural grocer, bank...well that's where this little tale begins.

I have been banking at the same place for over 15 years at a national bank.  Upon moving I made the decision to keep my account there knowing the hassle of switching banks.  The closest branch is at least 25min away. Ugh!!!  Deposits and atm withdrawals must be properly timed. Using the dinky little bank in town would cost $3.50 per ATM withdrawal, ahhh NO not gonna happen.'s my dirty little SECRET.....Sheetz (local gas mart) let's you withdraw up to $300 per transaction free. It's my country girl bank branch! Get coffee, water, nuts, paper and CASH for my vintage shopping trips.
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!!!
Have a good one,

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