Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vintage shopping with HUBBY...did we kill each other?

 Latest shopping trip.....

My partner in crime, Kelly, was sick and bailed on a scheduled treasure hunt. Hubby, who NEVER shops with me, asks if I'd like for him to go shopping with me. I love my husband, but he just doesn't have the crazy vision necessary to buy vintage stock for the shop. Oh well, what the heck..."sure, Weetie" (his nickname).

 I try to get my gear ready the night before so I don't need to get up any earlier than I have to. While packing our lunches and snacks I go over the "rules" with Hubby aka Weetie.  No buying a bunch of crap food...we pack, baby.  On the way home we stop for Starbucks...that's the deal.

 Alarm buzzes at 4am and I quickly hop out of bed. (I'm a morning person) I tiptoe around, wiggle into my clothes, put my "face" on and plop my hair in a pony.  Gotta wake the poor guy up now. He grunts and slowly gets up and into his clothes.  We head downstairs, grab our food and we're off.

Time to hit the road!!! Gassed up...check, food packed...check, boxes and bags for treasure...check, CASH.....???? Oh crap, we forgot to get cash at the bank! Vintage shopping is a cash only deal. I usually bring $1000 on my trip.  Not trying to sound like a big spender, but I only make this costly trip once a month and I gotta fill my 6' x 12' trailer to the brim to make the trip worth while. 


Reading my last post you say....go to Sheetz (mega gas mart), which we do.  Gotta couple of problems though.  1. You can only get out $300 per transaction  2. My bank only let's you withdraw $500 per day (keeps the robbers away, a funny for ya).  I soooo have a solution for this.

Me perky and He groggy, head into Sheetz "the bank". I withdraw $300, then $200.  I make him withdraw $300, then $200.  Four transactions and 10 min later with cash in hand we hit the road.  I'm ready for the shopping  to commence.

Having 3 kids, 2 dogs, crazy jobs and lots of travel, I don't get to spend a lot of time alone with Hubby.  I'm looking at this trip as a "date", time to catch up.  Remember, it's 4:30am and I am a morning person and he is not!  I blabber, joke, giggle, and banter all the way to our shopping destination.  He does his best to hold up his end of the conversation.


I knew I had to keep his belly full while shopping so I kept the food coming.  Problem again, his idea and my idea of lunch is very different.  I had salad with a blob of chicken salad, he..a lean roast beef sandwich. Snacks...grapes, blueberries, carrots, green peppers,hummus GF pretzels and crackers.  My normal fare.  He seemed to be fine.  By this time poor sick Kelly couldn't stand the thought of a shopping trip without  her so she's texting furiously to see what I bought.  On the trip home Hubby calls her (I'm driving) to check in. 
Hubby:  "How ya feelin?"
Kelly: "Just a head cold"
Hubby:  "Is she always this perky in the morning?"
Kelly: "OMG, she never shuts up!!"  Note**** (guess she's not a morning person either!!)
Hubby: "She's feedin' me like a bird!"
Kelly: "ha ha ha ha"
So believe it or not, the day was great!!  We found some good pieces at decent prices.  Once the sun came up and Hubby woke up he was his usual funny charming self.  He spied a few treasures so there's hope for him yet.  Still.....glad Kelly is feeling better!!!!
Have a good one,

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Kelly said...

Hey Lady! I didn't know you had a blog!!! :-)