Friday, May 4, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick NYC Flea Markets

Wooo Hoooo....It's my son's 16th birthday and what does he want for his one and only present??? A trip to New York City!!! He's stacked with cash to spend on the desires of his "16 year old" heart. Little does he know that Momma is stacked with her own pile of money! Gotta do a little flea market shopping...come on, it's NYC.

Hells Kitchen

Brooklyn Flea

The Antiques Garage

These are my three favorite fleas favorite markets when I get the chance to cruise up to New York. I have had some real luck shopping there. I originally thought that prices would be sky high in the Big Apple. Not the end, they are dealers just like I am and don't want to take stuff home. The most amazing find was a 1910 gymnasium industrial pendant light for $110!

It spent a month in the shop, but come on, 1910!! It had to go back home with me and hang in my new kitchen. Sometimes I find something soooo special that I just can't bear to part with it. Of course I do...when the next fabulous find comes along.

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