Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Shopping Trip Through Washington County!

Sooooooo.......here's the thing. The Robin's Nest belongs to an amazing group of vendors at Chartreuse & co in Frederick, MD. Once again we've had the privilege of being mentioned in Southern Living. This time it's their Travel Guide...Scenic Trips. Since there are some places I will never get to, I thought I would route my own fun shopping trip through Washington Co, MD.

I grabbed my daughter, Bella, my purse, camera and hit the road in the junk mobile.

First stop La Rouge Vintage in Hagerstown, MD.

It was their first event at their new location. Immediately upon entering the parking lot, customers were greeted with cheery vingettes displaying all they had for sale. After an enjoyable walk around the grounds I grabbed a fun cigar box and some railroad numbers. I'm a sucker for #'s!! Drop by and say hello to Melissa.

Next stop Repurposed and Refined Warehouse Sale, Hagerstown, MD.

It's so warm and inviting as soon as you enter, that you almost forget that you are actually in a warehouse. An amazing assortment of hand-painted vintage furniture and fabulous accesories. Delightful vingettes filled with greens and flowers made it feel "homey". I really enjoyed my time chatting with Denise and Bobbi. Drop by every third weekend and say hello! I left with an amazing candle and blinged out candle holder.

It's hot now...what are the girls to do??? Iced coffee!! (lemonade and cookies for Bella,being 11). A quick trip down the road landed us at... Port City Java. A local institution for coffee and gourmet treats. A former bank building, the safe is still used, but as a meeting room. Refreshed from the heat, onward we drive.

Next stop Wisteria Cove, Hagerstown, MD.

How have I missed this darling little shop in the two years I've lived in Maryland? Pretty unassuming from the outside...once you walk in you are greeted with an amazing array of unique gift items. We had such a great time here. Truly our favorite part? They sell amazing truffles hand-made in TX. You can imagine...they were big and luscious!! No sharing here ...mine salted caramel, Bella's key lime. Yummy.

Next stop Guten Tag in Funkstown, MD.

OMG, OMG, OMG...a plant bonanza! Even before you enter Jessica's shop you are greeted by the most amazing rambling roses. She has such a talent for taking foliage (no blooms, girls) and creating the most divine plantings! You almost feel as if you have stepped back into time when you are in this fabulous little shop. Don't forget to head out back to see all the retail display landscaping. I was was soo inspired to recreate my slate patio that I came away with a fortune in plants and containers. Poor Bella had to sit on the way home with plants at her feet. My new favorite shop!

Realizing that we hadn't actually eaten any lunch we landed in Boonsboro, MD, our home town and mosey-ed onto into Icing Bakery! The yummiest best treats and baked goods ever. Lucky for us, they also serve lunch. A chicken salad on greens for me, and panini for Bella gets the engines going. A picture of my daughter's birthday cake by Icing! Yummy! Guess the theme??

A quick trip across the street into Turn the Page Bookstore, owned by famed author Nora Roberts, for a card and present. They hold book signings with acclaimed authors, and you can always be sure that the latest copy of Nora's recent best-seller will be in stock. It's a fantastic store and a great addition to charming Boonsboro, MD.

Going on 4pm, we realize our girl date must end. I'm proud to say that Bella enjoyed herself. "The day started out a little slow, Mom, but then it started to be a lot of fun!" There will be a day when she won't want to hang out with me, until that day comes, she'll be my junkin' buddy!!

Have a good one!

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