Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's with these crazy stink bugs??!!#@%@!!

Okay...roll back the clock just about two years ago. I found my dream home, an 1882 red brick farmhouse, in charming Boonsboro, MD. A quaint town in Western MD, home to author Nora Roberts. With a number of little shops and a short drive to the thriving college town of Shepherdstown, WV, I felt like I've found my little "peace" of heaven on Earth.

Little did I know that Maryland had a dirty little secret!

Stink Bugs!!!! A nasty little pre-historic looking bug that is disgusting. When you squash 'em or they feel threatened they release a hideous "rotten cucumber" odor! Foul!! Ok, I'm gonna share too much here...what do you really call this emission??? In my house we call it a stink bug "fart". Sorry for the delicate at heart...I'm a girl who was the only granddaughter on both sides.

After a long day of painting and re-inventing my vintage treasures, I gladly fall into bed, soon to be dreaming of flea markets, auctions, and pickers. No sooner than I doze do I feel something climbing on my face. A stink bug!!! Ahhhhh! This happens frequently! They dive bomb me all night long. I might be in bed for 7 hours, but let me tell you, it's not restful. I lay there half asleep just waiting for them to attack! What's a girl to do???

My new motto!!! Think I'll have a night shirt made. It might help!

Have a good one!

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MEM said...

Mosquito netting? I freak out when moths get in on warm summer nights and they "brush" against my face or head. Oh well, could be worse things!