Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A look back at 2013 and serious plans for 2014, part 1

As usual, I've been slacking in the blogging department!  It's been a crazy year for sure, but let's face it, that's NO excuse.  Spending New Year's Eve thinking about the past year and the one to come has me feeling like I'm ready to put my big girl panties on and jump!  Jump where????? Jump into blogging regularly, and growing my business by implementing some of my hair brained ideas...as usual.

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what went down this year just to refresh you memory.....

Awesome Buying/Road Trip to New York (twice)
Solo road trip to TN for The World's Longest Yard Sale....1400 miles

Stopping all traffic in New York...hehehe 
Police Escort from the Holland Tunnel.....I only had 3 axles!!!!!

Discovering Succulents......gardening LOVE!

Running out of gas on an incline on a major Interstate.

First professional photo shoot!

Selling at Chartreuse & Co, The Tacoma Park Street Market, and The District Flea
Adding some new shopping partners!!!

Wading thru mountains of bird poop to score the most amazing vintage barn wood for projects.

I've stomped through mud, awakened before the roosters, gotten sun-burned in the flea market fields, negotiated one too many port-a-potties, been forced to drink home-made wine to get the "deal".......truly the list goes on and on. Some things I've forgotten, and some are just to painful to remember.....hehehehe. (Just broke my toe on a chair leg.)

Why do I do it.....easy.....I LOVE what I do! If I could redesign my own home every 3 months I'd be happy.  Well I can't do that, mainly because my family would disown me.  So.......I search high and low for the most amazing vintage elements to put into the homes of my customers and design clients.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the high jinx I have planned for 2014!!

Hope I brought  smile to your face....
Have a good one,