My Crazy Story....

HI THERE! I'm Robin, once upon a time an interior designer turned vintage furniture purveyor. A desire to create interior spaces that please the eye and the soul is my driving passion. Although I came into the profession as a second career, I feel like Cinderella slipping on the glass slipper.  It just fits! I love the idea of incorporating vintage items in a modern way.  When I create something new, like a lamp from a 1920's tractor grill my knees go weak and I nearly swoon.  The impossibility of making fabulousness from nothing is the thrill that I live for.

How did I get into the vintage shop owner biz...... Like many lovers of "old" I was utterly enticed by all the amazing shops that I stumbled upon while looking for furniture and accessories to use for my design clients. The stores were filled with mini vignettes depicting all the rooms I wanted to live in.  I MUST do this,  I thought to myself, since I was always finding an excess of goods that I didn't need for my clients.  Well....8 years later, I'm still doing it, and loving it (most of the time).  The rose colored glasses have come off though.  It's not nearly as easy as I thought.  It's time for me to give you a look behind the curtain of  "glamour and intrigue" into the life of a vintage shop keep.

I've learned the most important ingredient to success in this business...a sense of HUMOR!!  Whether it's laughing at circumstances or myself, I refuse to let life or business get me down.

 Follow me on my vintage treasure hunt... looking to fill my home and shop with remarkable objects.