Thursday, October 24, 2013

My obssession with logs..... Nature Autumn style and a confession

If you've been shopping lately, you've probably seen the log trend.  If not, don't be a bump on a log (hehehe).  It's everywhere!  I've seen logs used in so many ways from table tops, décor and even furniture.  I've scoured the web to bring together some of my favorite design ideas.  

Home Accessories to die for.....
 Log Bowls
Furniture I love..... 
Log Table my creation
Ok...what's the confession? I've decided to add a little log love to my shop for the holidays.  Think amazing cheese boards with vintage stamped cheese knife. (it's a mouthful....pun intended) Fortunately for me we had a limb come down this summer.  Enter hubby, chain saw and rented wood splitter. 

Robin: "I need some wood slices for projects."
Hubby: "Ok, but I need some help splitting, chopping, stacking all this wood."
Robin: "Sure, no problem.  (my motto, How hard can it be?, right???)
6 hrs. later...3 blisters, 2 splinters, and 1 seriously aching back!
Hubby: "All done!"
Robin: "Hey, wait a minute, what about my wood slices."
Hubby: " Sorry, forgot"
Robin: " But remember, I only want to cut the pretty logs..."
Hubby: " Do you realize how pretentious you sound?"
Moral......Even a hard core worker chick gets a little "girly" once in a while.

What do you think?  Are you feeling the trend??? I'd love to hear from you.

Have a good one,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I mustache you....."What's the deal with Mustaches?"

Okay, let's face it, (get punny!), mustaches are everywhere you look these days.  It's find NOT to find something with a "stache" on it when cruisin' through your favorite store.  High end, low end, name it.  No matter where you shop you are bound to run across some facial hair embellished products.
I thought I would do a post today that celebrates our moustache obsession.
Mustaches I will sadly never own, but LOVE to look at.....

Mustaches I want in my house......
Mustaches I'd love to eat....
cutter...I own this already
Mustaches I'd love to wear...
Gotta say.....I'm lovin' the stache!!!  Are you?  Love to hear from you!
Have a good one,