Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's with these crazy stink bugs??!!#@%@!!

Okay...roll back the clock just about two years ago. I found my dream home, an 1882 red brick farmhouse, in charming Boonsboro, MD. A quaint town in Western MD, home to author Nora Roberts. With a number of little shops and a short drive to the thriving college town of Shepherdstown, WV, I felt like I've found my little "peace" of heaven on Earth.

Little did I know that Maryland had a dirty little secret!

Stink Bugs!!!! A nasty little pre-historic looking bug that is disgusting. When you squash 'em or they feel threatened they release a hideous "rotten cucumber" odor! Foul!! Ok, I'm gonna share too much here...what do you really call this emission??? In my house we call it a stink bug "fart". Sorry for the delicate at heart...I'm a girl who was the only granddaughter on both sides.

After a long day of painting and re-inventing my vintage treasures, I gladly fall into bed, soon to be dreaming of flea markets, auctions, and pickers. No sooner than I doze do I feel something climbing on my face. A stink bug!!! Ahhhhh! This happens frequently! They dive bomb me all night long. I might be in bed for 7 hours, but let me tell you, it's not restful. I lay there half asleep just waiting for them to attack! What's a girl to do???

My new motto!!! Think I'll have a night shirt made. It might help!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Shopping Trip Through Washington County!'s the thing. The Robin's Nest belongs to an amazing group of vendors at Chartreuse & co in Frederick, MD. Once again we've had the privilege of being mentioned in Southern Living. This time it's their Travel Guide...Scenic Trips. Since there are some places I will never get to, I thought I would route my own fun shopping trip through Washington Co, MD.

I grabbed my daughter, Bella, my purse, camera and hit the road in the junk mobile.

First stop La Rouge Vintage in Hagerstown, MD.

It was their first event at their new location. Immediately upon entering the parking lot, customers were greeted with cheery vingettes displaying all they had for sale. After an enjoyable walk around the grounds I grabbed a fun cigar box and some railroad numbers. I'm a sucker for #'s!! Drop by and say hello to Melissa.

Next stop Repurposed and Refined Warehouse Sale, Hagerstown, MD.

It's so warm and inviting as soon as you enter, that you almost forget that you are actually in a warehouse. An amazing assortment of hand-painted vintage furniture and fabulous accesories. Delightful vingettes filled with greens and flowers made it feel "homey". I really enjoyed my time chatting with Denise and Bobbi. Drop by every third weekend and say hello! I left with an amazing candle and blinged out candle holder.

It's hot now...what are the girls to do??? Iced coffee!! (lemonade and cookies for Bella,being 11). A quick trip down the road landed us at... Port City Java. A local institution for coffee and gourmet treats. A former bank building, the safe is still used, but as a meeting room. Refreshed from the heat, onward we drive.

Next stop Wisteria Cove, Hagerstown, MD.

How have I missed this darling little shop in the two years I've lived in Maryland? Pretty unassuming from the outside...once you walk in you are greeted with an amazing array of unique gift items. We had such a great time here. Truly our favorite part? They sell amazing truffles hand-made in TX. You can imagine...they were big and luscious!! No sharing here ...mine salted caramel, Bella's key lime. Yummy.

Next stop Guten Tag in Funkstown, MD.

OMG, OMG, OMG...a plant bonanza! Even before you enter Jessica's shop you are greeted by the most amazing rambling roses. She has such a talent for taking foliage (no blooms, girls) and creating the most divine plantings! You almost feel as if you have stepped back into time when you are in this fabulous little shop. Don't forget to head out back to see all the retail display landscaping. I was was soo inspired to recreate my slate patio that I came away with a fortune in plants and containers. Poor Bella had to sit on the way home with plants at her feet. My new favorite shop!

Realizing that we hadn't actually eaten any lunch we landed in Boonsboro, MD, our home town and mosey-ed onto into Icing Bakery! The yummiest best treats and baked goods ever. Lucky for us, they also serve lunch. A chicken salad on greens for me, and panini for Bella gets the engines going. A picture of my daughter's birthday cake by Icing! Yummy! Guess the theme??

A quick trip across the street into Turn the Page Bookstore, owned by famed author Nora Roberts, for a card and present. They hold book signings with acclaimed authors, and you can always be sure that the latest copy of Nora's recent best-seller will be in stock. It's a fantastic store and a great addition to charming Boonsboro, MD.

Going on 4pm, we realize our girl date must end. I'm proud to say that Bella enjoyed herself. "The day started out a little slow, Mom, but then it started to be a lot of fun!" There will be a day when she won't want to hang out with me, until that day comes, she'll be my junkin' buddy!!

Have a good one!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Result....I'm Pretty Impressed!


Well, as I said yesterday, I've heard some buzz about CeCe Caldwell Paint lately. I grabbed a can of Santa Fe Turquoise, clear wax and light wax. Call me a little chicken, I decided to use a piece that I already owned in case I wasn't pleased with the result. If I bought the chest for the shop specifically, I'd have been bummed if I didn't like the finished product. Weeeellllll....(insert drum roll here, please)

I really LIKED it!

I liked that it was self priming and only took one coat. Sorry I didn't take a before pic., but suffice it to say, this chest had spent time in my "forest green" ivy sponge painting days. I wasn't sure if one coat would do it, but it did! Awesome.

I've blogged before about my love of Montana Gold spray paint, especially Strawberry, so fun!! I decided to see if this paint passed a serious test. Could I use spray and stencil onto this paint??? (Before waxing, of course) Guess what??? Worked like a dream.

I'd like to think that this bright colored baby is the start of a new trend.... Modern French Style.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! So lively and fun, perfect for any room...bath, bedroom, office, you name it.

One last picture....just to show off my peonies, the chest of course.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something New to Share!!

It's been a week since I've posted...those allergies turned into bronchitis and a sinsus infection. When sick as a dog...with an ever traveling husband, thriving business, kids in school, dogs to care for what's a girl to do?? Call her Mommy and whine! Seriously though, in our most recent conversation my mother was saying over and over..."it's all those nasty chemicals you're breathing in that made you sick!" I don't know about that, but it did get me thinking.....

I pride myself on being as "green" as possible. I have used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, no VOC. However, can't say the same for her wax line. The price is steep too. Those facts were enough to do a little digging. My friend Melissa at up and coming La Rouge Vintage is carrying a new product...CeCe Caudwell Paint

I've picked up a can of Santa Fe Turquoise, clear wax and dark wax. I'll share my project tomorrow. I love, love, love the fact that their wax is natural and non-toxic. Here's a couple of pics of this fun color from their website. Gotta paint brush awaits!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I think I can...I think I can, I think I can

I have a love hate relationship with Spring flowers. I love THEM and they HATE me!! Without fail it happens every single Spring....

I wanna be rough and tough! The Power Tool Diva am I!!

Instead...I find myself leaning over a project with my power towels, dripping snot. OK I know it's gross, but come on, if you have allergies you know what I'm talking about. I want to sit back and enjoy God's glory but all I see is stupid pollen producing flowers. I've tried every medication but nothing gives complete relief. Oh well, the show, work must go on.

If you drive through rural Maryland and see a tool wielding gal with tissue stuffed in both nostils, you'll know you just passed my house.

Remember to stop and smell the roses....NOT!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick NYC Flea Markets

Wooo Hoooo....It's my son's 16th birthday and what does he want for his one and only present??? A trip to New York City!!! He's stacked with cash to spend on the desires of his "16 year old" heart. Little does he know that Momma is stacked with her own pile of money! Gotta do a little flea market shopping...come on, it's NYC.

Hells Kitchen

Brooklyn Flea

The Antiques Garage

These are my three favorite fleas favorite markets when I get the chance to cruise up to New York. I have had some real luck shopping there. I originally thought that prices would be sky high in the Big Apple. Not the end, they are dealers just like I am and don't want to take stuff home. The most amazing find was a 1910 gymnasium industrial pendant light for $110!

It spent a month in the shop, but come on, 1910!! It had to go back home with me and hang in my new kitchen. Sometimes I find something soooo special that I just can't bear to part with it. Of course I do...when the next fabulous find comes along.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ready, set, shop!!!

Here's me in my official "uniform" ready to start my work day.

Although it means that I have to get up at the crack of dawn...actually well before dawn, about 4:00, the best part of my job is shopping flea markets!! My shopping buddy, Kelly from Madison and Mabel, meet at our "regular" spot, bleary eyed and yawning. My logistics officer plugs in the address to the nearest Starbucks and off we go, hoping to come home with a trailer loaded with treasures. You see, that's how I view it....TREASURE! I dream of unearthing that special item that my customers just can't live without. In fact a little cat fight in the shop over this hypothetical piece would be the ultimate joy for me. I shop all over the country and world to find the elusive discovery TREASURE!

Open every third weekend, my shop is an ever-changing collection of the TREASURES that I have gathered throughout the previous weeks. Stop by and take a look if you're in my neck of the woods. Make sure to say'll make my day. Of course, you buying a big honkin' piece of mine would REALLY make my day!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little SUNSHINE for a rainy day

A sad flower bouquet....This time last year my view was not so bright, rain or shine. We had embarked on a 12 wk. project to remodel the kitchen in our 1882 farmhouse. The 12 weeks came and went and still no kitchen. The 18 wk. wait was worth it. Photos to be shared later. The moral of this can make any situation better, even if they are just weeds in a trash can.
My flowers are much prettier these days. I find that grouping a bouquet of the same type of flower, ie tulips in this picture, is most pleasing. It's so natural looking. The last time I checked, flowers grow in clumps, not a mixed bouquet...I don't know, that's just me. Whatever you love, when it's raining and cloudy, grap your coat and head over to the grocery or florist to pick up a bouquet to brighten your day!