Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vintage shopping with HUBBY...did we kill each other?

 Latest shopping trip.....

My partner in crime, Kelly, was sick and bailed on a scheduled treasure hunt. Hubby, who NEVER shops with me, asks if I'd like for him to go shopping with me. I love my husband, but he just doesn't have the crazy vision necessary to buy vintage stock for the shop. Oh well, what the heck..."sure, Weetie" (his nickname).

 I try to get my gear ready the night before so I don't need to get up any earlier than I have to. While packing our lunches and snacks I go over the "rules" with Hubby aka Weetie.  No buying a bunch of crap food...we pack, baby.  On the way home we stop for Starbucks...that's the deal.

 Alarm buzzes at 4am and I quickly hop out of bed. (I'm a morning person) I tiptoe around, wiggle into my clothes, put my "face" on and plop my hair in a pony.  Gotta wake the poor guy up now. He grunts and slowly gets up and into his clothes.  We head downstairs, grab our food and we're off.

Time to hit the road!!! Gassed up...check, food packed...check, boxes and bags for treasure...check, CASH.....???? Oh crap, we forgot to get cash at the bank! Vintage shopping is a cash only deal. I usually bring $1000 on my trip.  Not trying to sound like a big spender, but I only make this costly trip once a month and I gotta fill my 6' x 12' trailer to the brim to make the trip worth while. 


Reading my last post you say....go to Sheetz (mega gas mart), which we do.  Gotta couple of problems though.  1. You can only get out $300 per transaction  2. My bank only let's you withdraw $500 per day (keeps the robbers away, a funny for ya).  I soooo have a solution for this.

Me perky and He groggy, head into Sheetz "the bank". I withdraw $300, then $200.  I make him withdraw $300, then $200.  Four transactions and 10 min later with cash in hand we hit the road.  I'm ready for the shopping  to commence.

Having 3 kids, 2 dogs, crazy jobs and lots of travel, I don't get to spend a lot of time alone with Hubby.  I'm looking at this trip as a "date", time to catch up.  Remember, it's 4:30am and I am a morning person and he is not!  I blabber, joke, giggle, and banter all the way to our shopping destination.  He does his best to hold up his end of the conversation.


I knew I had to keep his belly full while shopping so I kept the food coming.  Problem again, his idea and my idea of lunch is very different.  I had salad with a blob of chicken salad, he..a lean roast beef sandwich. Snacks...grapes, blueberries, carrots, green peppers,hummus GF pretzels and crackers.  My normal fare.  He seemed to be fine.  By this time poor sick Kelly couldn't stand the thought of a shopping trip without  her so she's texting furiously to see what I bought.  On the trip home Hubby calls her (I'm driving) to check in. 
Hubby:  "How ya feelin?"
Kelly: "Just a head cold"
Hubby:  "Is she always this perky in the morning?"
Kelly: "OMG, she never shuts up!!"  Note**** (guess she's not a morning person either!!)
Hubby: "She's feedin' me like a bird!"
Kelly: "ha ha ha ha"
So believe it or not, the day was great!!  We found some good pieces at decent prices.  Once the sun came up and Hubby woke up he was his usual funny charming self.  He spied a few treasures so there's hope for him yet.  Still.....glad Kelly is feeling better!!!!
Have a good one,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My dirty little secret.......

Almost 3 years ago my dream came true....buying an 1882 farmhouse in the middle of rural MD.  As an interior designer and vintage shop owner, there's nothing better than seeing your design dreams come true.  However moving from very suburban Northern VA to rural MD is not without its challenges!, at 35min to nearest natural grocer, bank...well that's where this little tale begins.

I have been banking at the same place for over 15 years at a national bank.  Upon moving I made the decision to keep my account there knowing the hassle of switching banks.  The closest branch is at least 25min away. Ugh!!!  Deposits and atm withdrawals must be properly timed. Using the dinky little bank in town would cost $3.50 per ATM withdrawal, ahhh NO not gonna happen.'s my dirty little SECRET.....Sheetz (local gas mart) let's you withdraw up to $300 per transaction free. It's my country girl bank branch! Get coffee, water, nuts, paper and CASH for my vintage shopping trips.
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!!!
Have a good one,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A new way to follow The Robin's Nest

Of course....

Just as soon as I start to figure out all of the techno mumbo jumbo, they change things.  GEEZ!!!

I just found out that Google + will be fazed out.  So I have set up a Bloglovin Account Follow my blog with Bloglovin
as an alternative to following The Robin's Nest.

You don't want to miss a minute of my crazy antics and fun design ideas so make sure to follow me!!!

Have a good one,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oops...I did it again!

As I've mentioned so many times before, when it comes to pulling by 6' X 12' trailer behind my truck, I am FEARLESS!  Insert cringe and shreaks of horror from Hubby and family.  You know my motto... HOW HARD CAN IT BE? Well, I got into a bit of a pickle today..........
So, on my way to Georgetown to meet up with a friend/follow shop owner.  Yup, I pull that bad boy through the crazy streets of DC on a regular basis. Cruising down I-270, crankin' the Bruno Mars, not a care in the world.  Then it starts...
(via bluetooth, of course)
Friend text: Hey, pull around back to pick up the furniture you are getting.
Robin text: I've got the trailer, don't know where back alley is..(remember it DC!)
Friend text:  Hmmmmmm, pull in front of the store and I'll hop it and show you how to get to alley.
Robin text: Great!
I pull up in front of her store, and she hops it my truck.  Of course, her knees are too her chin.  After all, she's dodging 2 gallons of paint and a lamp on the floor and a caulk gun, my lunch, and pointy cup holders on the seat.  This is my WORK car, so give me a break, OK?!
Finally, after weaving in and out of streets and alleys, we make it!  Touch down...a tight fit, but a  is good!
Chit Chat, chit chat, yada yada, blah blah blah....time for me to head home.  This is where it gets dicey.

Remember how I told you it was a tight fit in the alley?  Weeelllll, fearless Robin tries to make a right turn into another alley to head home and wham, bam, thank you mam, you guessed it.. I GOT STUCK!
(Re-enactment...sort of)
The wheel well of the trailer got stuck on a telephone pole.  Call me a ding bat, (ok  DING BAT) but in all the excitement, I didn't think to take a picture. Only one thing to shop friend.
Robin:  Hey
Friend:  You got stuck didn't you?
Robin: How'd you guess?
Friend: I'm coming outside now to help out.
Two minutes later, Friend and her Brother come walking down the alley.  (oh brother is right)  Now I have to share my shame with two people!!!!!! After  much maneuvering and and shouting to driver the trailer is free.  Sad to say, not by me....Brother did it. Oh dear, maybe I'm not Wonder Woman!
At least I didn't do this....
Or end up like this!
Hubby is in Mexico for work, sooooo I think I'll probably keep this fiasco to myself.  Promise not to tell!
Have a good one,


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking for a change??? Try a Focal Wall

So it's soon to be spring.  If you are like me, you start looking around your house and think it's
 time to freshen things up!  After all the sun shines longer and it boosts your spirits.  I just get
 itching  for a new project.  Hubby tends to hide from me knowing the gleam in my eye.  Knowing
 I will  probably have to do a spring project alone, I think it's wise to pick something quick
 and manageable for a weekend. 
 I'm thinking about a focal wall in my family room.  As I sit and ponder slurp a cup of coffee in front of ye ole laptop and surf for ideas, I am bombarded with some amazing ideas that I thought I would share with you.
PAINT..cheapest option
use masking tape
projector/freehand design
unknown source
do a whole wall $$
paper just a portion $
WOOD...most expensive
vintage shutters
rustic wood
mis-match wood
I haven't settled on a project yet.  There are so many options to choose from.  I'd love to hear how you created a focal wall in your home.  The ideas are endless!!
Have a good one,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A POP of color to make you Happy!

If you are like me, you are DYING ready for Spring!  I just love all the color that seems to pop up over night.  Those tiny little crocus blooms, tulips bursting with name it, if it's in the ground I love it!!!!

Well I can't hurry Mother Nature along, so I have been inspired to create a little Spring Fever in my retail space The Robin's Nest at Chartreuse & co. Color is so "IN" right now in home furnishings. If I had a million $$$$$$ I would redecorate my house every month, right???  Well I don't and I bet you don't either.  Here are some fun ways that I brought color into my space.


Pillows are a perfect way to change up a space. It's an inexpensive way to redefine a room, making it look refreshed and current.



Mix and match colors, fabrics, designs and textures.  Toss on a chair, sofa or bed and voila    A Brand New Look!

It's AMAZING what a little paint can do.....

Buy painted colorful chairs...or paint them yourself.  I found this amazing 1960's drapery panel months ago.  I new I had to find a chair to do it justice.... so love this look. This chair can go in any room and make heads turn.


Colorful dishes, glassware, and table linens are another great way to create a fresh new look.  You don't have to buy a whole new set of dishes...just  add a few fun serving piece like this awesome chartreuse green ice bucket.

It's all about having fun with your rooms.  Don't take interior design too seriously.  Long gone are the days of having the perfect dining/sitting/living room.  Families today live in every inch of their homes.  Enjoy yourself and buy what you love.  Chances are...your family will love it too.
Have a good one,


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring....where the h#@$% are you?

Well, I've been M.I.A. these days.  This weather is definitely not helping to inspire me.  I love the colors and textures of Spring.  I think that dopey groundhog messed up.  It's still winter here in MD.  It's cold, windy and bluh!  I NEED want sunshine. With so much painting and staining going on at The Robin's Nest, my workshop in the basement gets a bit cloudy.  I wonder if you can get a buzz from ASCP...just kidding.  I just really want to spread out and knock out about 5 projects assembly line style outside!!

Find it at Amazon
Since I've been a little stymied in the creative department, I've decided to work on being a better, more consistent blogger.  I signed up for a online class Decor8...Blogging Your Way, by Holly Becker.  It's designed to help with planning creative content, being more consistent, photo staging and so much more.  There's a phenomenal forum to chat up all the other students.  I found 3-4 in my area and hope to try and meet up with them.  How flippin' awesome is that?! 

If being a better blogger is something you'd like to do, I'd highly recommend your checking out Holly's site.

Do you have any plans to improve your blog?  I'd love to hear them!

Have a good one,