Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oops...I did it again!

As I've mentioned so many times before, when it comes to pulling by 6' X 12' trailer behind my truck, I am FEARLESS!  Insert cringe and shreaks of horror from Hubby and family.  You know my motto... HOW HARD CAN IT BE? Well, I got into a bit of a pickle today..........
So, on my way to Georgetown to meet up with a friend/follow shop owner.  Yup, I pull that bad boy through the crazy streets of DC on a regular basis. Cruising down I-270, crankin' the Bruno Mars, not a care in the world.  Then it starts...
(via bluetooth, of course)
Friend text: Hey, pull around back to pick up the furniture you are getting.
Robin text: I've got the trailer, don't know where back alley is..(remember it DC!)
Friend text:  Hmmmmmm, pull in front of the store and I'll hop it and show you how to get to alley.
Robin text: Great!
I pull up in front of her store, and she hops it my truck.  Of course, her knees are too her chin.  After all, she's dodging 2 gallons of paint and a lamp on the floor and a caulk gun, my lunch, and pointy cup holders on the seat.  This is my WORK car, so give me a break, OK?!
Finally, after weaving in and out of streets and alleys, we make it!  Touch down...a tight fit, but a  is good!
Chit Chat, chit chat, yada yada, blah blah blah....time for me to head home.  This is where it gets dicey.

Remember how I told you it was a tight fit in the alley?  Weeelllll, fearless Robin tries to make a right turn into another alley to head home and wham, bam, thank you mam, you guessed it.. I GOT STUCK!
(Re-enactment...sort of)
The wheel well of the trailer got stuck on a telephone pole.  Call me a ding bat, (ok  DING BAT) but in all the excitement, I didn't think to take a picture. Only one thing to shop friend.
Robin:  Hey
Friend:  You got stuck didn't you?
Robin: How'd you guess?
Friend: I'm coming outside now to help out.
Two minutes later, Friend and her Brother come walking down the alley.  (oh brother is right)  Now I have to share my shame with two people!!!!!! After  much maneuvering and and shouting to driver the trailer is free.  Sad to say, not by me....Brother did it. Oh dear, maybe I'm not Wonder Woman!
At least I didn't do this....
Or end up like this!
Hubby is in Mexico for work, sooooo I think I'll probably keep this fiasco to myself.  Promise not to tell!
Have a good one,



Lisa @ HouseOfFabForLess said...

Holy cow! (I wanted to say something worse!) That is crazy. I would NEVER have the nerve to try and navigate one of those bad boys! LOL! Best blog post ever!

Robin Spires said...

Thanks Lisa...

Again as I said...
I am DANGER GIRL...I think I can, I think I can. Sometimes it works, and.....sometimes it DOESN'T. All I can say it that I have the most chill/amazing hubby.