Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Home at LAST!

It's been so long since I've had a moment to sit down and tell all you Nesters what's up at the Nest!  Phewww....WHERE to begin?

As you may know...I started the journey to create a Nest of my very own.  My very first ever brick and mortar (just a crazy term....) store.  I feel like I've been in a Bugs Bunny cartoon!!!  Every time the end was near, another bomb/anvil fell.  The building started out life as a log cabin in 1794 so needless to say it was a bumpy ride.  All in all...the building is a dream! A store I am proud to call The Robin's Nest!

Home Sweet Home

While the eggs were hatching in the Nest, I took my show on the road!  I had the opportunity to be a Country Living Fair vendor in Nashville, TN and Rhinebeck, NY.  What a thrill for sure! My motto..."have junk, will travel".  We loaded up Opal Estelle (my birdie van), hitched the trailer and headed out on the open road!
Nashville Country Living Fair

Rhinebeck, NY Country Living Fair

Gotta say it felt a little weird not to be a part of Chartreuse & co, having left there in Feb. of this year.  FAITH seemed to be the hardest thing to achieve! (insert the song "FAITH" by George Michael...as this became my theme song!) Loading and unloading...buying and selling...all that lead to 4, count 'em FOUR storage units that were dumped unloaded/moved into the new store on July 1!  I opened the doors on Aug. 1!  And if that's not enough... The Robin's Nest got a little local press to boot!

And now the real works begins..... saga to be continued!