Monday, October 1, 2012

Chair Love...Refresh an oldie, but a goody! Part 2

Hopefully, you read Part 1 of Chair love so you are ready to move on to Step 2.

Chair love, take 2!!'ve finally picked out your chair! You wiggled it, you sat in it, you smelled it, and you love it. What to do next??

Let's back up just a minute. I think I had a "brain fart" in step one and forgot to mention that this process is for upholstered chairs. They really are no-brainers when it comes to a re-do. If they are sturdy, cheap and interesting, then GO for it!! A little cleaning, paint, wax or whatever and presto...a great chair.

This chair series is to help you understand how I pick a re-do candidate. blah, blah, step already, girl.

Step 2: To Paint or Not to Paint...That is the Question (?)

1. Unless the wood finish is in terrific condition I paint the frame. Actually, come to think of it, I almost always paint the frame. A traditional chair can really be modernized by paint.

2. What type of paint to use?? There are so many kinds out there right now.
Latex, chalk, spray...which one is right for you?

If I am trying to achieve a modern look I always go with a gloss finish spray paint.  I really like Valspar Gloss in black or white.  When a chair has a lot of carved details, it can really be a pain in the a*^%&* to paint with a brush. Because my chairs are for sale, I have to keep things neutral so I stick with black or white.  For personal use, I say...GO FOR IT! Bring on the color!
If I am going for a cottage or more aged look...then handsdown, chalk paint is for me.  I use Cece Caldwell.  There are other really great brands, but the colors they offer make me smile!  Paint, distress, wax. That's my motto.  I love the look of carved chairs when the wax settles into the details.  It really looks like an old piece. Super cool.

You can always use latex paint, (I love Behr).  Don't forget to prime the chair before painting. I hate this seems so fruitless, so I spray or chalk paint....hint, hint, hint...NO PRIMING!  Just a light sand and wipe down and you are ready to PAINT!!  Instant gratification, baby, that's what I'm talkin' about! 

Check back for the final post on Part 3, Picking the fabric.

Have a good one,

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