Thursday, January 10, 2013

VRS Calendar Winner and a crazy trip to Atlanta!

Woot Woot!!!!  Congratulations to Michele from Sew Sweet Vintage!!!  She won the amazing wall calendar from Vintage Rescue Squad and my good friend Sue.  When you are cruising through etsy, be sure and check out her shop.  The pictures are just ahhhh-mazing!

Packing up today and heading down to Atlanta for the annual Gift & Home shop.  Although I try to solely stock my shops with vintage items, it's nice to have a few items that are "shop ready".  No tromping through muddy fields at dawn, schlepping, cleaning, painting, waxing, pricing....yada yada yada.  I make sure I have no more than 20% new items vs. 80% vintage.  Making sure to look for items that inspire me and really have a "vintage" feel.

Really......not user friendly or "vintage-y"!!  I go for 2 days and hit the ground running.  Three building with about 23 floors each.  Each manufacturer has a showroom that displays the year's products.

This is more like it!!!  It's great to be able to see, touch and examine the items that I am interested it.  I always want to make sure that quality doesn't suffer if it's a new item.  Also, I buy made in USA whenever possible! Even if it's a little more $$$ it's so important to me to support artists at home.

Well.....that suitcase won't pack itself, so gotta go.  Look for pics. of my crazy wild trip to Atlanta, GA.

Have a good one,


Terry said...

Share pictures of your finds...I have always wanted to go.I will get there soon:)

SewSweetVIntage said...

Robin, Your trip pics are great. Really love the calendar:) Up late, gonna check out her Etsy shop! Thanks again