Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Needing a little downtime? Try playing in the dirt!

Last weekend we had a crazy big event at The Robin's Nest! Ok, it wasn't just me.... Chartreuse & co, the sales collective (crazy group of gals) I am proud to belong to had our twice annual Market Days. It was a mad dash to the finish line to get ready for this sale considering the regular March tag sale was only 3 weeks before.  Yikes! A little downtime was in order, let me tell you.  I was so inspired by all the amazing plant displays at the sale, I decided to take some time to play in the dirt this week to recuperate from the madness.  See...not everything I do turns into disaster! 

I am an avid gardener, or I guess I used to be.  I just don't seem to have much time these days to plant ginormous beds of rows and rows of glorious flowers.  What's a girl to do??? CONTAINERS!  You can use anything, I mean anything.  Just drill a hole in the bottom and voila....a planter.  If you can drill a hole in it, then just add some rocks in the bottom before you plop in the dirt.  I am lucky to have a gravel driveway, so I always have rocks at the ready.  (Side note...I also have 2 doggies so I have to be careful not to grab some dried doggie poo with the rocks.  This "could" be the voice of experience talking here...just sayin')  I'm really diggin' (get it, he he) succulents these days.  The vibrant colors are dynamite!  And, I've been told they aren't "needy" like bloomers (flowers, had to say it, I crack myself up!)  I'll let you know how it goes. 

Here are some of my latest's what I had laying around the house.  (Side note...I so wanna call it a "compound", but Hubby says I'm nuts!  One house, 1 barn, 1 summer kitchen/cottage, 1 well house, 1 forgotten 15' satellite's a compound, right?) Back to the plants....

I've had this gutted alarm clock forever looking for the right's found a home.
Got an old desk lamp around?  Rip out the guts (violent sounding, eh??) and add some "green" love!
Old silverplate serving dish that lost its shine...It's shinin' now!!!
Love that I found a mailbox with a teal flag...please Mr. Postman, don't take my mail!
Even milk glass compotes get used in my containers...(this is where the doggie poo incident happened.. add water to dried poo and guess what?  It stinks!!!!)
I'd love to hear/see what crazy wonderful planters you're using this spring!
Have a good one,

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