Monday, January 6, 2014

Traveling in January, Trip #1

Confession time:

Well, first I gotta be honest........The Pinterest experiment is a bust!  Really a pin for a year??? What was I thinking?  Did I really put that on my "to do" list?  I'm gonna shoot for doing one "pin project" a week.  Let's face it....52 projects, so do-able....365???!!!!

As I said in my last post, I've got a couple trips this month.  The first trip is to Atlanta, GA to the Home & Gift Show.  Imagine 3 massive 26 floor buildings with thousands of vendor all vying for your attention and $$$$.  Quite an adventure to pack into less than 48 hours.  But hey, I'm up to the task! (Small complications...) First, the broken toe.  Think 28,000 steps in 2 days. Second, sharing a bed with friend.
The rooms were so booked up that only one bed in all of Atlanta was available. Hey, I didn't make the reservations, just sayin'. Hoping it's not a double....

Now the real question....Why does a vintage lifestyle store owner go to a wholesale market???? Good Question! Let me tell you why I go.

1.  What are the trends?  This is a great way to figure out what's going to be out there in the department stores.  And more importantly, what's NOT!!!  Even though I primarily sell vintage items, as a retail store I realize that I still need to stay up to date with design trends and colors to stay fresh and exciting for my customers.

2.  My way of shopping "wholesale".  Let's face it, I can't make, buy, clean, build, fix all the vintage products I need for my shop.  Enter my two favorite categories at market Made in America and Handmade Designs & Handmade Jewelry.

I do my best to support American companies and artist/designer made products.  Market is a great way to see a very large selection of products that fit this category.  My now crazy popular vintage book letters were found last year in Atlanta.

3. Inspiration!  It's nice to see all the showrooms decked out with brand new products.  The displays are so inventive.  I always come home brimming with ideas on ways to refresh my shop.  I really think it's important change up my space.  I don't want to shop in a store that looks the same every time I go customer don't either!

4. It's a trip, duh!!!  Who doesn't wanna have a quick get away!  As much as I love hubby and the birdies, it's nice to focus solely on my business and not have to play the balancing act of wife/mother/business owner.  

I'll looking forward to posting pics of my adventures!  

Have a good one,

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