Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting a little Holiday on....

For those of us in retail, this time of year is both a curse and a blessing.  I would hazard a guess that about 25% of my annual sales happen between November and December.  That being said, Christmas doesn't start in November for me. I literally start thinking about the Holiday selling season the January or February before kidding.  Even though my shop isn't usually open on Black Friday (see the frenzy to the left) I do have to be prepared for a giant Holiday Open House sale and two more sales at my space in Chartreuse & co....AND in my infinite wisdom and moment of genuine insanity, I added another location, The Old Lucketts Store.  The shoppers don't disappoint.  They want lots and lots of holiday merchandise.
I really do LOVE my job!! I mean it!!  Despite the broken nails, perpetually trashed vehicle, slight smell of must, I LOVE old vintage tarnished semi-falling apart lovely awesome junk...I mean treasure.  It's just hard to get excited about the holidays at home when you've been working on the holidays all year long.  This year I had the pleasure of crafting with my daughter, Bella!  That girl knows her way around some German glass glitter.  She now knows that you can get a splinter from real glass glitter, hence the term, "glinter"....Love it! And love her.  In fact she is the reason for this post.  Isabella, aka Bella is number 3  of 3.  I was Martha Stewart for the first two boys, but I've run out of steam.  I used to go all out for Christmas.  Literally 5-6 trees of varying sizes, baking my brains outs and decorations in every room.  Sooooooo....last year I really put a lot of effort into decorating my house after the shop closed for the year.  At least so I thought.....Bella had other ideas.  Bella the other day.... "Mom, maybe we can decorate this year instead of just a little bit."  Apparently I set the bar a little too high.  Gonna try to get it right this year for my Bella. 
Found this wonderful fresh wreath at a craft fair in Shepherdstown, WV.
A vintage pedal car fire truck filled with a cheat....a faux tree from my favorite local boutique Guten Tag.  It looks soo real, that's way I had to have it.
I'm trying a new room/space at a time.  Stay tuned to see if I can live up to Bella's Holiday dream!!!

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