Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Okay...It's time to tell the tale

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately, lots of drama with my little birdies in The Robin's Nest. 

Okay, well I'm ready to fess up about a little "incident" that happened a few months back. As many of you know my mode of transportation is my 2005 Chevy Trailblazer, aka "The Junk Mobile". In order to score big and buy the goods I pull a 6' x 12' trailer that I may or may not have flipped on I-66 some years ago. (Hey...only one embarrassing story at a time!) I LOVE my trailer, battle scars and all!

Being a small business owner, this girl works hard for her money.  I can stretch a $$ till it bounces!!  I try to keep business expenses to a minimum. (Except when it's power tools, I LOVE me some toys!) Ok, back to the story.  As I said a couple of months ago the Junk Mobile gas gauge konked out on me. Well..."I'll get about to fixing it, I mean all ya gotta do is use the odometer to keep track of mileage" I tell every patient Hubby. "No big deal!!!"  Weeks go by with nary a problem.

Now here's when it gets dicey.....

Birdy #2 is a hard worker and jumped at the chance to haul furniture each month during the Tag Sale.  It's a real treat to have some alone time with him and chat while we drive to and from the barn. On a chilly morning we stopped at Sheetz, the fine dining/bank/gas station and grabbed some coffee/fruit (me), hot chocolate/donut (birdy #2).  Did I get gas, you ask??? Heck my calculations I gotta another 48miles to go and we are running late.  (Insert dum, da dum dum DUM.....)

Slurping coffee, munching donuts, chatting and cruising up South Mountain...I said it South MOUNTAIN......

Suddenly the Junk Mobile, sputters, lurches forward and then......stops!!!!!! Oh Crap!!! We are going uphill on a mountain, pulling a trailer, on an Interstate!
Me:  Birdy #2...there's something seriously wrong the truck!
Birdy #2: What are we gonna do, mom?
Me: Gonna call Papa Bird and AAA
Birdy #2: These trucks going by are really shaking the's a little scary.

I call Hubby, and tow truck.  Oh of can't tow the truck with the trailer.  I'd love to leave my trailer abandoned on a mountain half full so that it could roll down the Interstate and kill all those in it's path.  Enter super hero friend/carpenter to the rescue with his truck!!! He, birdy #2 and I unhitch the trailer and roll it DOWNWARD (yikes!) to make room for friend's truck to pull it and drive the trailer to my house. (a little scary even I have to admit)
Hubby comes, tow truck comes.. birdy #2 and I to the barn, Junk Mobile to auto garage.  It's all worked out.  I spend most of the day worrying about how much this car repair is gonna cost!  The phone rings, it's repair man...hit me with it! 
Repair Man: Mrs. Lady...before we check in more detail, I noticed that the gas gauge was on E.  Is there any way that the Junk Mobile is out of gas??
Me: Oh I know, it's broken...I've got about 48miles to go on that tank.
Repair Man: Why don't I just put $10 in it and see
Me: Oh sure thing...And while you've got it in the garage, why don't you go ahead and fix the gas gauge.
Tick tock, tick tock....15 minutes pass.
Repair Man: were out of gas!!!
Me: Yikes, now I gotta tell hubby.
Me: Well great news, cheapest car repair in history.
Hubby: What was wrong?
Me: You're gonna think this is um  it was out of gas
Me: (after redialing Hubby) Are you really mad at me?
Hubby: I just don't know what to say...maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you hadn't been at the gas station a mere 3 miles before the car died!
Me: If its any consolation, I had repair man fix the gas gauge.
I guess there's a lesson learned here....maybe I need to brush up on my math skills!!!  He he he.  Don't tell hubby I said that, it still might be too soon!
Have a good one,


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Unknown said...

That's quite an experience for you, and I can't blame you if you panicked somehow. It's really scary when our car stops in the middle of the road, and it doubles up the stress for you because you have a trailer and your son's with you. Thankfully, you just ran out of gas and there's a repairman that helped you. If there's any consolation on this, that is, the repairman was able to check up on your truck and have your gas gauge fixed.

George Stone @ I-5 Truck