Monday, July 2, 2012

Rain, sleet, snow, HEAT...Can't Stop a ROAD Trip!

It's been so hot here in rural Maryland. The thought of spending all day in the middle of an open field shopping for vintage treasures wasn't at the top of my priority list last week. However, my inner junker couldn't let a flea market bonanza opportunity in PA pass by.

Time to hit the road! My truck is not quite this bad, but you get the idea! Kelly from Madison & Mabel, my partner in crime, and I thought we would make the most of our trip and go up the night before. I contacted my travel agent, aka hubby, and gave him the criteria: cheap, safe, clean. A little side note hubby travels for work all over the world. I haven't paid for a room in about 10yrs, think hotel points! He tried points, no luck, had to pay. Enter the "cheap" aspect. $70 prepaid...gosh in my mind that was a little high, but let's go.

We pull up to said "cheap" hotel...

Kelly and I checked in, and cautiously made our way to the room, first floor, facing to the street. Open door, eek!! hairs on the holey sheets, bed squeeks--ewwwoo...heat lamp in the bathroom. Oh, heck,no! A quick look at each other, Kelly..."I'll pay for another room"...done deal!

Roll into Comfort Inn down the road, ask to see room before check in, ahhhhh. Not fancy, but clean, safe and now new criteria..."reasonably priced." We go to the car and grab our bags and head to the new room. A quick note about me...I have celiac disease, so gluten is a huge no no. Walking up the stairs I share that my stomach is hurting...

Dialogue goes something like this..
Robin: My stomach is killing me
Kelly: Do you think that you got gluten-ed???
Robin: No, I'm not worried about gluten. I'm worried about almost getting murdered!

Now I'm not a sissy, but sometimes your inner radar goes off and you know that things aren't safe. Guys just don't see it the same way. My hubby's response..."You coulda probably turned that first room over a couple of times that night and made a bunch of $$$." Funny, honey.....not!

Next post...the goods!!! Stay Tuned!

Have a good one,

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