Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hittin' the Road Nest-Style, Part 3

It's kinda hard to top all the crazy shenanigans that the first 2 days of the shopping trip brought, see  Part 1 and  Part 2 here if you haven't been following along. We still had another day left of shopping in Texas and our Bed & Breakfast proved to be quite entertaining.  We learned about how to buy, size, wears chaps (pronounced...shaps, or something like that.) from a total stranger.  I guess we did kinda ask for it when gal pal and I were joking about buying some to bedazzle. ( We were in the common room at the B&B).  We next encountered a drunk as a skunk Texas cutie!  She had her glass and her bottle of wine and proceeded to tell us her WHOLE life story!  All I got out of it was...."I'm co-dependent with my daughter" and blindness from the big ol' honkin' Texas-size diamond dangling off her ring finger.

She kept telling us about a little shop were all the art with filled with texture...... (w-ha-t????) She finally took a breath and gal pal and I  made our escape. Question?  Why was she drinking in the common room and not at a fine dining establishment????  Here we go!
I joined a Drinking Club while I was in Texas.  Really!!!  I just wanted a glass of wine after all the drama of the trip.  I was quickly informed that the county that we were staying in was D-R-Y!  Why did no one tell me this before I came!!!  A cutie named Clark told us to go to Applebees down the road and sign up for a membership!

Another dialogue..... (drive, drive 26' truck to Applebees)

Gal Pal:  I think ol' Clark was flirting with us.....saying we had to join a club to have a glass of wine.

Robin:  He waasss cute! And he had such pretty teeth!  (I'm a sucker for a great set of chompers!)

Waitress: May I take your order?

Gal Pal/Robin:  2 Margaritas, please.

Waitress:  I need both of your licenses.

Robin: I left mine in the car....truly I am 46 and of age.

Gal Pal:  Does she really need to get it?

Waitress:  Yup......5 min later, please fill out these membership forms for our drinking club!

Moral of the story.... Clark was NOT flirting!  He spoke the truth!  Bummer....cause he had such pretty teeth!

The next morning we packed up and headed Northeast.  Think I'm gonna have to stretch this out to 4 posts just to make sure I don't leave any of the craziness out.  Stay tuned....

Have a good one,

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