Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top ten reasons to love SPRING......

If you are like me, you are ready for winter to be over and Spring to arrive!  The weather in Maryland like much of the east coast has been nuts! Warm one day and 8"of snow the next. My mother bird best explained it...."It seems like winter and spring are duking it out!"  I keep telling my husband that I'm over just seems that old man winter isn't listening.  If I run into him I'm sooo gonna punch him in the nose!

To make life a little more bearable around the Nest I decided to focus on the things I love most about Spring, so here goes!

1. Strawberries are in season!  I could add strawberries to just about anything... Think Bubba Gump Shrimp. Strawberry pie, strawberry smoothie, strawberry get the idea.

2. I don't have to wear at least 3 layers to keep warm.  I just end feeling like the Pillsbury dough boy with the sweaters and coats. Yuck!

3. My spring and summer wardrobe are so much brighter than my winter clothes.  Long gone are the browns and navies. Bring on the pinks, purples and greens!  Just kinda perks you up!

4. I splurge and myself a fab pair of sandals.  Usually from Anthropologie...they have killer shoes!  A little pricey, but once a year I just gotta go wild and throw caution and my thriftiness to the wind.

5.  I get to drink Mojitos without looking like a weirdo!'s a little odd to order a drink with lime juice and mint in the middle of winter.

6.  It starts my pedicure season.  Being a thrifty gal...I feel guilty getting a pedicure in the winter.  I love when I can officially claim it's sandal season.  Let's be honest...there's nothing better than a great pedi!

7. I start getting the itch to play in the dirt!  When my kids were younger I gardened like a mad woman!  Huge beds filled with overflowing flowers.  These days....I'm more about compact container gardens.  Small spaces that pack a punch. Eye Candy!!

8. Asparagus is in season!  Just love it and it's sooo good for you.  One true down side.  Not gonna lie, it makes your pee stink!

9. Flea Market shopping is much better in warm weather.  The vendors drag out all their goodies and fill the dirt fields of flea markets will nothing but old fashioned....yup I said it....TREASURE!!! Love the dirt, grime and scrounging through piles of cr@p!!

10. Most favorite....drumroll....I get to work outside!  Dealing with paint, fumes, chemicals and the like I hate wearing a face mask!  It sucks!!!  I have a huge driveways to I just spread out a couple of drop clothes and go to town.  I spray and brush til my little heart's content.  Gotta love it!

I'd love to hear your favorite things about Spring!! 

Have a good one,


All About Vignettes said...

Ditto to all those reasons, but being able to paint outside is the best.

Robin Spires said...

I love the fresh air to begin just makes working so much more enjoyable.