Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hittin' the Road "Nest"-style.....Part 2

If you read my last post, you know that my last shopping trip had a bit of a rocky start.  From the word "go" nothing went according to plan.  Hey I can be as flexible as the next gal, but in this vintage buying business keeping costs as low as possible is a high priority.  As much fun and the treasure hunt is.....I've got to make sure I sell the goodies at a profit, while making sure the prices are affordable.

Here's a quick recap of the trip so far.........

  • Budget Truck didn't have our packing supplies
  • Budget Truck had junky trucks and rude employees, (cough, cough, Rudy)
  • Uhaul cost $200 more plus mileage
  • Could no longer use in-laws as a base camp...had to keep mileage low.
  • Had to find/pay for lodging while in Texas.
Undaunted by Rudy and his madness......3 hrs. and a 26' Uhaul Truck, gal pal and I hit the road.  Itching to "buy something pretty" I was ready to peel my eyes, get my hands dirty and discover the treasures hidden in the great state of Texas.  Had to figure out where to stay now that commuting to/from in-laws was no longer an option.  Put in a call to hubby, my travel witch (only with a b...his word not mine...hehehe), to find some safe, cheap digs for our time in Texas.  In true Nest fashion, the hotel he found was a bit squeezy, so plan B was enacted and a nice B&B was found in short order. Let the shopping commence.
A pictures says it all.....

 A sample of some of the finds....... 
My new boyfriend...Albie

A sample of the sights.......

Fast forward....two days into the shopping trip and having a blast.  What you ask is happening on the "Rudy-front"? Funny you should ask.  Ring, ring goes gal pal's cell phone. (Robin stands near wondering who is on the phone.)  Insert dialogue here.....

Gal Pal:  Hello

Speaker:  Is this Gal Pal?

Gal Pal:  Yes it is......

Speaker: (barely above a whisper) This is Rudy from Budget Truck Rental and I'm calling to say that I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience with the Budget, my bad experience was with you and the way I was treated.

Rudy/Speaker: (Now shouting) Listen lady....I'm not gonna let you two BITCHES get me fired! (yes he sooo went there.)

Gal Pal:(Loudly speaking...) I have never been talked to this way in my life.  You are rude, obnoxious (fill in the blank)!  Do not ever call my phone again.  I do not want to speak to anyone but your regional director.  If you call me again I will have you up on harassment charges.  Do you know what that is, RUDY?  Just lose my number from your phone. C-L-I-C-K!!!  **Note: gal pal  I might add is about 5' tall and not 100lbs. soakin' wet) You go girl!

Robin: OMG!!  (figuring out very quickly who was on the other end of the phone.)

Gal Pal quickly relays whole conversation to Robin.

Robin/Gal Pal: (in unison) these b*tches 'bout to GET you FIRED!

A quick call to the Regional Director updating them on good ole Rudy sets the ball in motion.  Let's just say........we did what we said we were gonna do! Guess who's in the unemployment line NOW!  I mean really, he could have faked an apology and all would have been forgotten.  All I got to say is....
No Home Training!!!  Come on, Rudy, did you ready think you weren't gonna get fired?

Remember was a 6 day trip and this is only day 2!  I'll finish up the trip details in my next post.  I'm telling you....I'm a drama magnet! You can't make this stuff up.

Have a good one,

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Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear the rest! Rudy was Rude! lol