Monday, March 24, 2014

Another birthday......This bird is gettin' old!

We all have one every day......a birthday!  Mine was yesterday! I turned 47!!!! I'm not afraid to say it.  I can't change it. I could lie about it....hem hum....(My Mom), but the truth is the truth.  My birthday doesn't usually bother me.  I enjoy the good wishes and attention and then move of from there.  I have to admit that "40" was a tough one.  As I got closer to my happy day this year, I realized that 47 was freaking me OUT!!!  I am now in the ugly 40' my way to 50. I had lunch with a group of friends a couple days before my birthday and made my peace with 47.  Big wonderful, charming, lying, (hehehehehehe)  and loving girlfriends assured me that I didn't look my age.  They also advised me that all the calories I consumed on my birthday didn't count!!  I tell you.....I have some great friends. (and liars)

I thought I would share some of my birthday fun with you.....

Opened birthday cards.......Best card ever! Hand-made card from my husband's Aunt Pam! Does she know me or what???

Got some amazing flowers......vintage dental bin filled with Spring blooms.  Tell me that won't make you smile.

The gals at the shop surprised me by decking out my car aka Q-bert (the rolling juice box) with a blinged out garland signed by everybody.  Of course in true Nest style...I threw a monkey wrench into their plan.  You see it was crazy cold on Sunday at the barn, so I decided to sit in my car with the heat on for an HOUR!!!  I was told later by the gals that they kept looking out the door to see if I had gotten out of my car. They thought I was never gonna get out!!! (hehehehehe)

All in all, it was truly a great day!!  I felt the love from my family and friends.  Can't ask for more than that!  And hey, I didn't photoshop any wrinkles out of this picture!!! It doesn't get any better.

I'd love to hear your birthday story!!!

Have a good one,


The Painted Drawer said...

Happy Birthday! 47 is a great birthday to celebrate! So nice to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate with. I'm also in my forties with the big 5.0. looming in the distance :) but it sure beats the alternative!

Robin Spires said...

You are sooo right!!! I don't know why I was freaked out. It's just a number!!! Have a blast today!!!!