Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hittin' the Road "Nest"-style.....Part 1

As I said at the beginning of the year, I'm ready to blow this popcicle stand.  Well....actually, I been getting the itch to hit the road and do what I do best.  Get into trouble, I mean, buy some vintage treasures!  The tale I'm about to tell is a wild one, but it's true none the less.

Two girls, a truck, and a guy named Rudy!  My gal pal and I flew into Dallas and had my mother-in-law pick us up at the airport.  Our plan was to stay with the in laws and shop about Texas looking high and low for "booty".  What's the saying....best laid plans......  Well bright and early the next morning we headed over to pick up the Budget 24'truck. (Yup, 24'!! We meant bizness!)  Ready for the fun and adventure of vintage shopping, we were in no way shape or form ready for a guy named R-U-D-Y, manager at the Budget Truck satellite location in Tyler, TX.  The only way to truly tell the story is to give you the dialogue....so here goes.

Robin: Hi, I'm here to pick up my truck, here's my reservation.

Miss Sales Lady: We'll get you taken care of. Hey Rudy, can you bring a 24' truck around? Oh, btw, we have NONE of the blankets or packing supplies that you reserved. (cause that's just how we roll, ok, I improvised here).....Here it is.... Make sure to check the truck out first to see if it is alright.

Robin: Great. Hey Gal Pal, (aka Yvette from Foundry by Freeman) check out the truck while I finish the paper work.

Gal Pal: (after checking out truck) This truck won't due.  The transmission is about the go and it's completely filthy.  It's not safe for two women to drive cross country.

Rudy:  (throwing 2 sets of keys on the counter), go in the back and see which truck you want. **Side bar...do you really think Budget Truck knows that we now have three sets of their truck keys and that we are headed back, unattended I might add, to the sanctum sanctorum to pick our truck out???? Me thinks NOT.

We.....walk back, look over trucks, pick one and head to front of store.

Gal Pal: Hey Rudy, we'll be on our way just as soon as you remove the dirty nasty used mattress from the back of the truck.

Robin: Why does the truck have a mattress in it?

Rudy: We don't clean the trucks. I can't have my men move the dirty nasty used mattress (ok, he didn't really use all these descriptive words)....it's a sanitation issue.

Robin: It's a sanitation issue with us!!

Gal Pal:  So let me get this straight....you want me to pay you $1000 and remove the mattress myself?

Rudy: Yup!  You can't leave it here though....I have your info. and I'll have the city fine you.  (YES he DID!!!)

Gal Pal:  I want your name and the name of your supervisor......Dial, dial, dial......Hello Ms. Supervisor let me tell you what just happened.  blah, blah, blah.....

Ms. Supervisor: Of course you don't have to remove the mattress yourself, I will make Rudy do it.  I'll call him right now.

ring, ring, ring.....20 min later.

Gal Pal: We are still waiting to get our truck WITHOUT the mattress.

Ms. Supervisor: I have tried to call Rudy 11 Times  and he hasn't picked up his phone.  (meanwhile, I must point out that Rudy is not in the loo, he has been in the store for the last 20 min.)

Gal Pal:  I want to file a formal complaint.

Robin: I want to void this transaction.  Just pretend I never walked into this crazy place.

Miss Sales Lady: We can't void it, the charge has already gone thru.

Robin: WHAT????!!? You need to call somebody and figure it out.  I'm NOT leaving here until I get my money $$$$ back!

2 phone calls and twenty more minutes.....the contract was finally voided.

My poor sweet mother-in-law.  She witnessed the whole thing!  After 2.5 hours we still had NO TRUCK!!

After some quick scrambling and hurried phone calls, we found a UHaul dealer.  (Side note....got lost and drove another 35min, yikes!) The truck cost $200 more and didn't have unlimited miles, but what were we to do????  Chalk it up to another episode of "How hard can it be?" and hit the road!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this crazy shopping trip!  You won't wanna miss it!

Have a good one,


OUR OWN BIG WORLD! - db! - said...

Welcome to the world of regular movers. It has it ups...but it has it downs. Don't let THIS STOP YOU! Looking forward to Part 2!

Robin Spires said...

Truly....the saga continues! Hey, I'm not one to give up!