Monday, March 17, 2014

Why I moved to the country.........

Believe it or not....I started out as a small town girl from Ohio.  My grandparents were farmers in West Virginia.  I spent many a summer "down on the farm". As much as I enjoyed learning (in my childish mind) "old-fashioned" skills such as gardening, canning, sewing and baking, the real reason I went back every summer was my Granny!  She was an amazing woman!! Covered in garden dirt and kitchen stains, she was still the most feminine women I knew!

All that being feels as if I spent my whole childhood dying to see the country, the world in fact! Anyone who knows me can attest......I'm game for a road trip anytime!  After getting married my husband and I moved to Northern Virginia in one of the many suburbs that are part of the DC Metro Area.  Truly....I thought I had arrived! My dream house, close to the city.  How could it get any better? 3800 sq. ft. on a .26 acre lot.

Not that my life there was a was just crowded!  I learned something very important about myself....I am more like my darling grandmother than I would have ever dared to admit earlier in my life.  The more I lived the suburban life, the more I realized that I longed for a simpler life.  After 15 years of husband and I dove head first into country life.  Boonsboro, MD, a small town in Western Maryland.  What did we buy???  A 130 yr. old brick farmhouse.  Truly my dream house...I just didn't know it until I saw it.  Love at first site!

Long gone are the traffic jams, congestion and  neighbors just 10yds away.  Bring on the fresh air, starry nights and slow living!  My family has blossomed in the country. I now realize that all the distractions of having everything at your fingertips are just that....a distraction!  Seeing the farms and animals all around have certainly brought us closer to nature...and our FOOD!  We eat local whenever we can.  Truly an awesome thing.  

These may not be your typical neighborhood sites....but guess what?  They are MINE! Love it!

Have a good one,


Unknown said...

I grew up on a small farm and there are things I definitely miss. All the fresh fruits and veggies, and having room to adopt way to many animals are some of the things I miss. Having more zucchinnis than I know what to do with is NOT something I miss! LOL

Robin Spires said...

Kathleen....I am begging my husband for chickens. His response? They are poop machines. Boo Hoo!! I'll win this battle...